OCD stands for Obsessive Corgi Disorder

Look at my fluffy butt

June 8, 2020
OCD stands for Obsessive Corgi Disorder

While I'm partial to westies, I can't deny the fact that corgis are really popular these days. Everyone loves their stumpy legs and fluffy butts. And don't forget the sploot, splooting and corgis are basically the same thing.

In the bay area, corgis are basically a status symbol. They even have an annual event for corgis known as Corgi Con.

I even had a BFF at the dog park that was a corgi. Her name was River and she and I got along famously and we would play for hours. Hope that proves that I'm not completely biased.

Corgi Con

Corgi Con is an amazing event that celebrates corgis and attracts corgis from all over the bay area. But don't be fooled, the majority of attendees are corgi-lovers, not actual corgis. But you'll be in good company.

Geordi La Corgi

Geordi La Corgi has over 420k followers on Instagram. According to his profile, he's a professional butt model and even sells his own corgi stickers.

Ralph the Corgi

Ralph and his corgi-bro George have over 320k followers on Instagram. If that doesn't prove they're popular corgis, I'm not sure what will.

Pavlov and Maslow

Pavlov and Maslow has over 140k followers on Instagram. He's a frequent attendee at Corgi Con and has his own merchandise.

Luffy the Corgi

Luffy is a fictional character based on the artist's love for corgis. The artist makes some really cute stickers. If you need a gift for a corgi lover, you can't go wrong with these stickers.

Lychee & Mochee

Lychee and Mochee are pembrooke welsh corgis with over 150k followers on Instagram.