I'm not fat, I'm just a little husky

Dogs can be funny too

May 7, 2020
I'm not fat, I'm just a little husky

The husky is a majestic and brave dog. But they can also be hilarious and think of themselves as a lap dog and want to snuggle. The best of both worlds.

They will be the most loved dog in your house!

They are smart and friendly. They are not aggressive and won't get off your lap. They are a great choice for a new family. They are also great for dogs with a sensitive temper. But they are not picky about food, and will eat whatever you feed them.

If you are looking for a dog that has a good temperament, this is the dog for you!

Husky puppies are wonderful! They are very energetic and playful, and love to play and jump around. They can also be very stubborn and can become quite territorial. They are great for young families with young ones,

Odis & Max

Just 2 siberian husky puppers with over 18k followers on Instagram

Millie & Rupert & Lola

Millie, Rupert and Lola have over 1m (yes, million) followers on Instagram and post pictures and videos from their adventures in Manchester

Lilo & Infinity & Rosie

Lilo, Infinity and Rosie (not a husky) are different by chance and friends by choice with over 500k followers on Instagram