I have fur - enough with the sweaters

And one day, I'll have my revenge, just wait...

M12 20, 2019
I have fur - enough with the sweaters

Everyone loves a cute dog, but put that cute dog in a sweater or hoodie and the Internet will go crazy. But don't be fooled, the right outfit can make your pup the next canine influencer or just fodder but memes.

Striped Dog Hoodie

Adorable hoodie for your pupper, comes in blue/white, black/white and red/cream.

Dog Raincoat

Stylish and water resistant raincoat to keep your fur friend/baby dry during the storm.

Aztec Dog Hoodie

Cute hoodie with a stylish pattern is the perfect addition to your dog's wardrobe.

Dina & Lilly

Dina and Lilly have over 9k followers on Instagram and also an Etsy shop www.bestdograincoats.com.