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Westies are my Besties

We all know that westies are the best, but not everyone is well-educated about westies. And I'm not talking about things like their history or their temperament. What everyone needs to know are things like which Instagram accounts and Reddit forums have the cutest westies.

OCD stands for Obsessive Corgi Disorder

While I'm partial to westies, I can't deny the fact that corgis are really popular these days. Everyone loves their stumpy legs and fluffy butts. And don't forget the sploot, splooting and corgis are basically the same thing.

So Shiba Such Inu Much Wow

There is no denying how much the Internet loves the doge aka the shiba inu. The shiba has had countless memes created using their squishy fox-like face. I am positive they will continue to be popular and be used for memes for years to come.

I have fur - enough with the sweaters

Everyone loves a cute dog, but put that cute dog in a sweater or hoodie and the Internet will go crazy. But don't be fooled, the right outfit can make your pup the next canine influencer or just fodder but memes.