Hi everypawdy, my name is Mochi and thanks for visiting my page of favorite things. I've listed all my favorites treatos and toys. And my dad even listed things like my shampoo and toothpaste that keep me cute and my breath fresh. I hope you find something puptastic my new frens.

My favorite foods

Some might say I'm a picky eater, but I actually just have a sensitive stomach and food allergies. Unfortunately, I'm allergic to things like poultry, rabbit, dairy and even flax seeds. And because lots of food and treatos have flax seeds, my Dad is very careful with what he gives me. So the following foods are natural, no hidden ingredients/fillers and most importantly, they're all delicious.

My favorite toys

Who doesn't love a good toy? There are definitely some toys that I really enjoy playing with and then there's the toys that sit in the toy box untouched. For me, I need a toy with a good squeaker and it helps if can easily fit in my mouth and bounces when thrown.


So bath time is not fun (just look at my face below). But if I am going to get a bath, I hope it at least makes me smell good so I get more cuddles and it makes me look extra fluffy. Westies are known to have skin allergies so I get the good stuff to make sure I don't have any bad reactions.