I am pommie, hear me roar!

Equal parts vicious and cute

April 25, 2020
I am pommie, hear me roar!

Pomeranians or poms or pommies are super cute in the tiniest of packages. While small, they have big personalities.

They are easily trainable, and they are very smart. They are very friendly, and can be a little stubborn. They are very playful and can be a bit of a wild dog.

Poms are very sweet, and they are very affectionate. They love to be petted, cuddled, and held. They are very easy to train, and they are very friendly. They love to be played with.

Poms are very smart and have a very creative mind. They are very imaginative, and can be very creative. They are very creative, and will learn anything. They can be a bit stubborn, but they will not bite.

Poms are a very fun, playful, and smart dog. They can be a bit stubborn, but he will learn anything you teach Them. Poms are a good companion for the little ones.


Jiffpom has over 10m followers on Instagram and is probably one of the most popular pomeranians out there


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