So Shiba Such Inu Much Wow

The Internet would be very empty without doge memes

March 3, 2020
So Shiba Such Inu Much Wow

There is no denying how much the Internet loves the doge aka the shiba inu. The shiba has had countless memes created using their squishy fox-like face. I am positive they will continue to be popular and be used for memes for years to come.

Maru Taro

With over 2.5 million followers, you could easily argue that Maru Taro is the most famous shiba inu on the planet.


Ryuji is a very popular shiba inu with over 300k followers on Instagram. He has a very expressive face which I'm sure contributes to his popularity.


Daifuku is extremely popular with over 400k followers on Instagram. He likes to pose with different props which definitely adds to the overall cuteness.


Berry is doing quite well on Instagram with over 140k followers. He has a very unique style and is always hammin' it up for the camera.