Westies are my Besties

It's not dog-hair, it's westie-glitter

August 30, 2020
Westies are my Besties

We all know that westies are the best, but not everyone is well-educated about westies. And I'm not talking about things like their history or their temperament. What everyone needs to know are things like which Instagram accounts and Reddit forums have the cutest westies.

Emma & Eve

Emma & Eve have over 80k followers on Instagram and have an especially colorful life that they share with Bella the cat.

Yogurt Bear

Yogurt Bear is possibly the fluffiest and whitest westie on Instagram. She also has over 33k followers.


Just a #westie on the #westcoast, but an #eastcoast #pup at heart with over 10k followers on Instagram.


Louby is westie with many talents and over 37k followers on Instagram.


r/WesthighlandTerriers on Reddit is a great forum for connecting with other westie owners and posting/viewing cute westie pictures.


Just like the name suggest, r/Westies is a Reddit forum that specializes in the adorable white fur balls. You can count on Reddit users to post some cute westie photos.


Bajas in the Mountain Adventure Dog on Instagram with over 46k followers.

Hamish and Jazz

Hamish and Jazz are westie siblings from Tasmania with over 39k followers.


Ralphy (or Raphy-Roo) is a westie from Melbourne with over 26k followers on Instagram.